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Helicopter Crashes Into Papua Mining Camp

Helicopter Crashes Into Papua Mining Camp
Helicopter Crashes Into Papua Mining Camp

WANI/JakGlobe, Paniai – A helicopter crashed into a mining camp in the remote district of Paniai, Papua, on Wednesday (3/2) after it was hit by a heavy windstorm, officials said.

Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Patridge Renwarin said all six on board survived the crash and walked away with minor injuries except for the pilot who sustained broken bones. No fatalities were reported for the people on the ground.

The Bell 206 Helicopter bearing flight number PK-UAG crashed into a mining camp at 9:30 a.m. local time, just moments after it took off from a helipad at mining town Bogobaida.

The six victims were evacuated to the more developed Nabire district where they were being treated at a local hospital.

Transportation Ministry spokesman J.A. Barata said the helicopter belongs to a company named Amor. Before the incident, the aircraft flew from Paniai capital Enarotali to Bogobaida. It is still not clear where the helicopter was heading when it crashed.

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