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West Papua appeals for support for full MSG membership

West Papua appeals for support for full MSG membership

10th February 2018, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Public statement

As Chairman of the United Liberation Movement
for West Papua (ULMWP) and on behalf of your Melanesian brothers and
sisters just across the border, I am appealing to all activists and
solidarity groups in PNG for your urgent help.

The ULMWP will be representing our people at
the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders’ Summit taking place in Port
Moresby starting today, and we are seeking full Membership for West
Papua. The time is right to see the Melanesian community welcome their
brothers and sisters in West Papua 
as equals and we need you to raise your voices in solidarity to ensure our message is heard.
The West Papuan people continue to suffer
brutality at the hands of our oppressors daily.

International experts
are in agreement that what is taking place is nothing less than 
a genocide against
indigenous Papuans. Without intervention, our people will not only soon
be a minority, they will also be in very real danger of being wiped out
entirely. I urge you to join with us as Melanesians to do everything in
your power to stand up for the survival of West Papuans, for the
children of the next generation, before it’s too late.

The MSG has long been founded on the
principles of advocating for the right to self-determination of all
Melanesians and pioneered support for our brothers and sisters in Kanaky
to have their voices heard in an independence referendum. We call on
them now to also acknowledge the political aspirations of the West
Papuan people, who have, in vast numbers expressed their will for
self-determination and assistance from the international community, via
their petition to the United Nations. Our people risked their lives to
add their names and to have their cry for freedom heard. Please hear
this cry and rise up with us- your brothers and sisters need your help
and are relying on the compassion, and support of the people of PNG and
our Melanesian family.

With respect, I thank you.

Benny Wenda. Chairman of the ULMWP

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