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R.I.P. Gen. Bernard Mawen

R.I.P. Gen. Bernard Mawen
Gen. Bernard Mawen (left)
We have lost an elder. Gen. Bernard Mawen was the Southern regional commander of the West Papuan National Liberation Army (OPM-TPN). I grew up watching “Rebels of the forgotten world” by Claudio Von Planta, one of the first documentary about the West Papuan Independence struggle. I can still remember that first moment, to see our freedom fighters walking in the jungle of West Papua on the tv screen.
It was very inspiring. Some years later I met bapak Thommey and he told me their story about him and bapak Mawen walking on their bare feet from Jayapura to their native land in southern West Papua, where they have established the OPM-TPN southern command.
Bapak Bernard Mawen spent more than 40 years of his life living in the jungle of West Papua to defend his people against the brutal indonesian occupation. Bapak Mawen was a charismatic leader, a true servant of our people.
Bapak Mawen Thank you for your Fighting Spirit. We will carry your name in our hearts and struggle on.

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